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I took all of these shots to the table, its very humbling, and sure brings one down to earth. All the kick shots were very hard for me, and some I could not get the cb to go as drawn up. Franks shot of banking the 7 with right english, I could not do at all, for I could not control the cb to hit the 7 properly.

I had the best luck with either cross banking the 7 with straight center, made a couple of times out of 6 tries. And one rail kicking the 7 coming off the long side rail with right english work very well, for the cue ball just goes naturally back to the long rail where it was stroked from. But man just being a little off and you hit either to thick or miss it altogether, and I sure missed it altogether a lot. LOL.

But, if the opponent needs only 1 ball then I would think it is important to either make the ball or really improve your position, for the ball off the 3 diamond can be shot right in the hole from where the cb is now. Thanks for the thread.
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