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Originally Posted by Jeff sparks View Post
I’m wondering about this shot... I’m sure a good billiard player would know if it’s on... perhaps Bill S. or Dr. Bill or someone else fluent in 3 cushion play could comment...
Cross the 7 to the long rail about a diamond short of the side pocket with the intention of 3 railing the 7 to your pocket... the way the shot lays using high English with maybe a tip of right to somewhat flatten the cb out thereby enabling it to pass above the 1 and below the 10 for a cb that will end up in a strong position uptable...might be a stretch with a lot of moving parts, but if it’s on, it would very strong...
Jeff; here is how the shot can be played here.

It's a, 'standard 4 cushion' shot in 3 cushion to play safe off the opponents CB! The 7 ball would be my opponents CB in 3C.

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