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Originally Posted by cincy_kid View Post
This reminds me of the old Grady video tape I watched where he explains the mirror system..good stuff for any pool game you play.
Thanks Cincy!

I can't remember the exact year, maybe around 1990 a new room opened by a Chicago Cop, John Hollic. The room was having the Grand Opening and he invited Mike Massey, Grady and myself to put on clinics & trick shot exhibitions.

Grady and I had always been close friends for many years, he as I did him, respected each others knowledge of are chosen games. While there that weekend, I collaborated and advised Grady on several systems he chose to share with the pool community. He as Freddy was, were GREAT students of the cue games till the end, as I will be myself!

Mike and I have also been friends, not close, but friends. He appeared doing the, Pool Artistic' shots and I the Carom Artistic. Grady opened up the day with his clinic, it was GREAT! I then came on in the late afternoon and did my exhibition, it went just as well! Mike was to highlight the evening with His Pool Trick shots. He and Grady both stayed in the afternoon to watch my show. After it was over, both Grady and mike congratulated me such a professional performance. I was very happy to have their appreciation.

Some minutes after the crowd settled down form the 3C show, Mike pulled me over to the side and constantly kept asking me, "How do you get so much action on the CB, and hardly ever hit the cue ball with a lot of force." I told him, "80% of it is, 'Natural ability' and the proper 'old school' instruction by a master!" But also, my discovery of multiple differently applied strokes/tempos and speeds, and the most important lesson, is to KNOW when to use them." He was very grateful, and proceeded to incorporate some of the info I shared with that afternoon in the evening show, BTW, I thought it was pretty ballsy to try techniques He had just learned.

I went off on a tangent, but, the Grady mention, brought back that fond memory.
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