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This shot reminds me of John Ling's shot! He (my shooting partner) came over late one night (1970) and woke me up and we went out to the 5 X 10, whereas he immediately set up this shot, whereas one ob was in one corner pocket and the other ob placed in the other corner pocket on the same long rail, that's almost 10 feet apart. Then he put the cue ball on the 1st diamond making you bridge and shoot over the ob that is in the corner, and then he said; " make that far corner ball and draw the cb all the way down the long rail and make the other one. I made it first try. No kidding! Where John came up with this stuff I do not know. He is a fun loving guy, that likes to laugh at his self when playing pool.

So I said; "John now lets see you do it". He did it first try! No Kidding! Oh what I would give to have those two shots videoed. If anyone does it, would you post a video of the shot.

There are five shots I use to do that I want to get back, and that is one of them, but that one I will not even try now, for that stroke is long gone!

Thanks mr3cushion for the thread, for that sure brought back good memories of a fun shot done oh so many years ago. Whitey
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