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Thanks for posting the game rules of DCC. I just conversed with Bret Baker, the TD of DCC, and he stated that my cushion compression bank shot would not be allowed in DCC.

Also thanks for posting a OnePocket bank pool game rule writing. I see it was proposed in 2006, and I guess it was never adopted for it is "not" represented in any of the prime headings.

I do not know when Bank Pool was first recognized as a pool game by the BCA. It is not listed at all in my '68 BCA rule book, but is listed in my 2003 BCA rule book. Of which there is no requirements place upon the cue ball before contacting the ob.

Here is how the rule reads; A legally pocketed ball must be "cleanly" banked (i.e. no kisses, combinations, or caroms involving the object ball are permitted). The cue ball may contact the object ball only once on a stroke.

The current CSI rule is not much different. So therefore these rules as written would not cover my Cushion Compression Bank Shot, which is a kick bank shot.

So IMO it is very important, such as in the proposed OP Bank Pool Game Writing, that it states; that the cue ball can not contact a rail or another ob before first contacting the intended called ob.

I further believe this rule whereas the cb must first contact the object ball is a given unwritten rule and thus was somehow omitted all these years until the 2006 proposed OP Bank Pool Writing, good job! thanks, Whitey

A footnote; I see in the alternative OP 2006 Bank Pool Rules, which I would assume are Grady's writings, that it mentions Kicking and banking the ball is allowed and played that way in some parts of the country.

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