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Originally Posted by one pocket guy View Post
It’s being streamed by Sully? Anybody familiar with his streams?
I want to watch one pocket when it starts but don’t know him.
I've met him. He will be TD. Don't know anything about him streaming anything.

Where did you see he would stream the Scotty? I thought Ray was signed up to do it.

edit: OK, I see you are right. On Ray's site he says:

"PoolActionTV will NOT be covering the Scotty Townsend this year. Jeff Sullivan is taking on the stream this year on Sullyvision.

We would like to wish Jeff Sullivan all the best with the event. We would also like to wish our player and friend Alex Pagulayan a great event!! Go LION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

...but I still don't know anything about "Sullyvision."

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