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Originally Posted by lll View Post
how else would you like to start the game without the break??
since i think we will agree (i hope )that someone has to break
why should it not be the one who lags better??
in the nba during all star weekend
the pros are challenged on many skills
the lag is a skill shot that all competitors know will determine who breaks the last game in a hill hill situation
the lag is another test of their skill
Really el chapo doesn't it seem clear? Drop everything, my attitude... think objectively, isn't it clear? Anybody?
Let us just stipulate for clarity that the average # of runs baseball teams get per game is 8.

Let us also assume, I have heard Grady quote this number, that the break is worth 2 balls.

So, if we lay the analogy on top of baseball... 2 balls over 8 total in one pocket is 1/4, or 25% of the balls!

CAN YOU IMAGINE A BASEBALL TEAM STARTING A GAME OFF WITH TWO FREE RUNS!!! that would be analogous to the way a hill hill match goes down. one player getting ~25% of the balls "free".

That would be insane, would it not??

Why don't the tennis pros decide who will get the first break by hitting a ball up in the air and seeing who gets closer to a line they are shooting for? that would be a pretty stupid way to settle matches.... even though there is some skill and touch involved. so, they actually decide it by playing, and give each players the same number of serves.

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