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Originally Posted by BRLongArm View Post
Games won by breaker

When breaking from his left side of table -- 20 of 38 (53%)

When breaking from his right side of table -- 24 of 37 (65%)

Total -- 44 of 75 (59%)

Doesn't look like a devastating advantage, at least not in this sample size.
Here is one I grabbed off AZ by AtLarge:
Games won by breaker
Pagulayan -- 20 of 26 (77%)
Chohan -- 14 of 24 (58%)
Total -- 34 of 50 (68%)

I saw some were very close too. I would bet this number, long run for pros shakes out at about 55-58%. Maybe that is a little high, but in this match, as I think we all know, the break can be the entire match of course.

Whatever, this is not a pissing match, my fault for that, but I think no matter what the stats show, we need to assume the break is an advantage and that each player will win on their break, and set rules accordingly, much like they do in tennis. That is my recommendation.

Bottom line: "2020 World Series Champions are found to have won, only because they had a 25% head start on runs scored (bc they won the flip, or the lag)" not such a catchy title. Making it read "2020 World Series Champions Outfought The Competition and Prevailed" is not a difficult thing to do in one pocket if you ask me.

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