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I use to actually practice a lag whereas I would contact the side rail just before the corner pocket and cue ball would end resting within the pocket below the foot rail. I could do this on my table for the rails were very fast and the pocket shelf was very deep, therefore the pockets played very tight, and the cue ball would not drop. That was in '73. I did not lag that way when matched up on a foreign table.

I did not play again for decades and really did not know the Lag rules until 2008 when I starting playing tournaments. It was then I had to laugh for my way of lagging was illegal for you can not contact the side cushion, and I did not know this.

But, I checked my '68 BCA Rule book, and there is no pocket billiard lag rule, per say, but when going to the glossary under Lagging it directs you to Carom General Rules, which in general also applies to pocket billiards.

The rule states; each player has their own cb, the red ball is placed upon the foot spot and the cue balls are to be lagged to the right and left of the red ball, stroking the cb to the foot cushion and return.*The side rails may be touched by the ball in lagging*, though it is not required. Player whose ball comes to rest nearest to the head rail wins the lag.

Well I was doing it right after all.

A brutal game now days and the lag is ol' so important is the 9-ball Bar Table Championships and using a magic rack. Hit them softly, the corner ball goes in every time and play shape on the 1 ball, winner breaks! Lets just see just how many games I can run out. I do not watch it, and I would not participate in it. Pathetic.

Thanks for the thread, Keith! It brought back memories of lagging. Whitey
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