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Originally Posted by lll View Post
in todays rules you cannot touch the side rail
1.2 Lagging to Determine Order of Play

The lag is the first shot of the match and determines order of play. The player who wins the
lag chooses who will shoot first.
The referee will place a ball on each side of the table behind the head string and near the head
string. The players will shoot at about the same time to make each ball contact the foot
cushion with the goal of returning the ball closer to the head cushion than the opponent.
A lag shot is bad and cannot win if the shooter’s ball:
(a) crosses the long string;
(b) contacts the foot cushion other than once;
(c) is pocketed or driven off the table;
(d) touches the side cushion; or
(e) the ball rests within the corner pocket and past the nose of the head cushion.
In addition, a lag will be bad if any non-object-ball foul occurs other than 6.9 Balls Still
I know all that stuff! It's hilarious how the rules are now. God help us if a guy could lag and place it in the pocket, take him to jail. What I would like to know is if Carom games still allow the side rail to be contacted? To lazy to look it up, kind of do not really want to know what I'll find, I kind of like the old rule, myself.

When Kentucky and I lagged at MOT we had the cb center on the rail, he lagged so bad he hit the cb, crossed over the long string, I knew it was a foul, but I laughed and said; "we better try that again". Do not remember who won the lag, he won the match! lol. Whitey
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