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Originally Posted by hankh View Post
Whitey & lll, Howdy;

Still feel like I'm using a floor sized squeegee to try an round up my collective
stroke, and other basic fundamentals. Today was far better then Thursdays
efforts when it felt like I had just picked up a cue for the first time.
Tony showed up and he just laughed at my feeble attempts

Any way did well enough to miss the money by 1 place . But it still feels like I
have all my crap scattered all over the place. I see what is going on Monday.
Haven't looked at a video nor a book since Wed. evening. Gotta allow the info
to settle in and get comfy. Then move on to more learning.

Will let ya know more Monday evening.

Thanks for all thoughts and suggestions as always.

try to focus on stroke development every time you practice
in addition to anything else
for me
i am now going back to up and down the table with the cue ball drills and 1 diamond stop shots since i seem to have gotten a hitch somewhere in my stroke.....
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