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There was a game called, "Line Up". It would start the same and is played the same as 14.1 but after a scoring inning, the balls scored would spot up, and the game continues as such. I am not familiar with the history of the game, nor do I know that it ever was considered a championship game. It was continuous with no re-racking and played up to a determined ball count. It was far more challenging to break up the balls to continue to pocket balls when they are lined up.

But, it sure is good for banks, and I would play this game because it was so challenging, and also fun doing the line up banks. Working one end of the line and then the other end of the line of banks, trying to hold the cue ball, and back cutting banks with cb going to foot rail or head rail, and then back in position to do another bank, and so forth. It is not a bank game and balls can be straight pocketed, but just banking in the balls is just pure fun!

Those players that played this game knew their cross side and cross corner banks, and the cushions in those days were excellent! Whitey
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