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Whitey, Howdy;

That Line up game sounds interesting, I'll give it a try next Monday when the
tables are free again.

Today was 8-Ball tourney, small turn out but it was "one of those Days" , ...
no one could make a shot or so it seemed. A few could as we did have win,
place & show... but truly, every one sucked.
I did have a nice shot Ob on rail 1/2 way between far corner pocket and CB was
slightly closer to the end rail. Shot it center ball with 1 tip of left English hitting
it with a 1/2 ball hit on the Right side. Popped off the rail and right into the
pocket just like it was supposed to . Couldn't have done it without your short
video and my mind wrestlin' with it then allowing it to settle in.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with me and whoever else is in the background
scribblin' notes and practicing as well. I'm still a beginner at this but I think that
some progress has been made not much, but it's still in progress and will remain
in progress.

Thanks as always for your thoughts and suggestions.

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