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Whitey & lll, Howdy;

Well, Yesterday was a 'good day', Tony showed up so practice and warm-ups
were 3 games of 8-ball, before the rest showed up. Tony enjoys Banking and
he does his Banks as they come along. He's 91, about blind in one eye, hard
to see outta the other, deaf as a post in one ear, and is always 'dying
tomorrow'. But, ... get him close to a table and he perks right up. He's been
playing pool since he was 8. So, we play bank the 8 and we chuckle a lot about
close misses and some not so close misses. Since his stroke a few years ago
his hands shake a bit but his stroke is usually true.

So, what can I say, I made some and I missed more then I made ... I am
seeing things, angles and targets better then I was. I'm still hitting some,
not as many, shots off to the Left as the majority of misses are to the Right.
Stroke & stance are what I plan to work on tomorrow, back to the Basics time.

Thanks for any thoughts and suggestions as always.

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