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Originally Posted by sneakynito View Post
John, can i get Alex for $100. Sorry forgot to hit submit.

Great seeing you bud. Hope you made some money!
Yes, no problem, but we have to make your kind post. Your bet will be on as soon as I receive your $100 (as long as my memory doesn't fail thereafter. )

I figure I did make some money, more or less. I took $2000, and because I used a credit card for my room, my meals and gasoline, I still had some cash left when I got home. I'm gonna go to MacDonalds tonight and spend it.

I bet on Roberto, and he dogged it; I bet on Chip and he dogged it; I bet on Evan, and he dogged it; I bet on me, and I got really bad rolls, no shit, honest, I played good, but damned luck, you know, right? see what i mean?
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