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Originally Posted by Wonit68 View Post
Hello all, just registered last month and finally have a chance to introduce myself. My name is Joseph, I'm from Du Quoin Illinois and have been playing one pocket since I was a teenager, 41 now. Glad to see this site and the forum. I'm sure there is a ton of information here on the game. I see you're having a tournament in October, unfortunately, it looks like I won't qualify time wise. I was referred to the site by 1holenut. I used to play with him and Mike Surber when I lived on the coast. Now I play most of my one pocket in Metropolis Illinois with Buddy Hall and the crew at Sully's. Well, I'm sure I'll be active here in the future, after all, I don't get much one pocket action around here, so I'll have to live vicariously through this site. Maybe I'll come watch in October. Southaven is only 3.5 hours south of me.
Glad you joined up. I didnt know you knew Jason. I'm the tournament director for Southaven so come down and hang with us. John and Tracy from Cape are members and entered too..This is Colorado who runs Sullys one pocket
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