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Default Upcoming GA Tournament

Well, we have officially been open for over 2 months now and it is a success! We are hosting a Viking Tour stop here October 17th-23rd as our official Grand Opening Kick-Off. It's called the Southern Classic Open and we will have 3 separate events...One-Pocket, 8-Ball and 9-Ball...$5,000 added to each one and a $5,000 bonus prize of which $3,000 goes to the highest all-around finisher (must play in all 3 events), $1,500 to second and $500 to the highest finishing lady (must play in at least 2 events). The One-Pocket entry fee is $77 and the other two are only $67 each. Should be a blow-out; probably the biggest event Atlanta has ever seen!!! We have already received some big-name entries and hotel reservations have been made for many.
Anyone interested can call 770-418-9086 (ask for Diane).

See you all in October!!!
Diane Crane-Schmid
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