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Originally Posted by cuesmith View Post
Thanks Billy. I'm looking forward to reading your book when it comes out! While we telling stories, I've got one you'll get a kick out of.

I'm sure you don't remember this, but we met about 20 years ago at the Chicago Billiards Cafe. I was driving to Minneapolis to pick up my new CNC machine and made arrangements to meet

Deno Andrews at CBC to pick up a copy of Pedro's 3C trick shot videos. You were knocking balls around on the table closest to the counter so Deno introduced us and gave me a quick bio about


About a week later I was back in Cincinnati at my poolroom, Beechmont Billiards. Bucky Bell has been a friend of mine (and a player rep for my cues) for many years. Bucky happened to be in

that morning having his morning coffee and he was hitting balls around on my old Brunswick Anniversary carom table. He made the casual statement that he wished there was someone he

could gamble with at 3C. He fancied himself as a pretty good 3C player but he said "those damn billiard players are a bunch of stuffed shirts! They won't bet that they're alive!" I said, "Bucky, I

think I can find you a little action." Just as he took a long gulp of his coffee, he asked "WHO?" I quickly replied "Bill Smith" thinking it was a generic enough of a name that he'd probably not

recognize it. To my surprise, Bucky's face kind of exploded spewing coffee all down the front of MY shirt! lol When he was able to talk, he asked "What kind of a trap are you trying to put me in?"

He went on to say "That damn Billy Smith is probably the best American 3C player on the planet, and he WILL gamble!"

I just thought you'd get a kick out of that story. When do you expect to get your book out or is it in the "thinking about it" stages like the one I've been planning to write for many years?

Thanks Sherm; Bucky used come around, "The Rack" once in awhile. Coming out of "Bensinger's" you had to gamble at something, or starve to death.

One of my first games gambling at 3C was with Milton Berle, 10 bucks a game, 25 points. I beat 3 in a row, 30 bananas, he stiffed me, the cheap prick!

Bill Smith "Mr3Cushion"

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