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Originally Posted by cuesmith View Post

back in Cincinnati at my poolroom, Beechmont Billiards. Bucky Bell has been a friend of mine (and a player rep for my cues) for many years. Bucky happened to be in

that morning having his morning coffee and he was hitting balls around on my old Brunswick Anniversary carom table. He made the casual statement that he wished there was someone he

could gamble with at 3C. He fancied himself as a pretty good 3C player but he said "those damn billiard players are a bunch of stuffed shirts! They won't bet that they're alive!"


Sherm, I've got a Bucky/3c story for you too....and also I was wondering if you might-could have been in the poolroom on this particular night...

It was 13 yrs. ago this November, and I was driving from Chicago to Florida to mess around for the winter...I left on a Friday morning and reached/stopped off in Cincinnati that night....I went to the action poolroom when I got there (I don't know if this was your room or not? - I can't recall the name - it had one billiard table about 2/3rds of the way back on the left side iirc ) was pretty busy that Friday night, lotta players there - Gary was there, Bucky etc.....Gary asked me to play some One Pocket, and I said no thanks.........I knew Bucky a little bit - we gambled/played some One Pocket a couple of years before, while at some tournament, and we came out even....

So somehow Bucky and I started talking about 3cushion - both of us of course, totally lying saying how we don't really play the game - we just hack around at it once in awhile.....what Bucky didn't know though, is that my lie was a little bigger than his lie - he thought he was trapping me, specially since it was his local table that I'd never played on before...but truth was, I played 3cushion a little better than him - probably about 3 on 25 better....

So we wound up playing 2 games, $100 a game, and I won both...afterwards we both had a good laugh together about our lying to each other.....

I came back the next night and played two different guys (who I didn't know) One Pocket - one fat guy, and one youngish of them I came out a coupla games ahead, the other guy I came out a coupla games loser - ending up even for the night.

- Ghost

PS, I like Bucky - and he's a good guy to gamble with.
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