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Originally Posted by oldspurguy View Post
Can't believe you called him a babe... maybe he'll take it as a compliment.

Freddy, if you will, tell me why you like the four railer better than two in the side. Thanks.
Good question. You must first visualize all the possible results of both shots. Plus in this case you must visualize the results of a 2 in the corner attempt.
You first start with the speed required to draw the cue ball 4 diamonds back to the head rail. Now you insert that speed into all 3 shots you are considering. 2 in the side, 2 in the corner and 4 in the side.

You will first notice that applying that draw speed to a 2 in the side will cause the object ball to travel much too fast to control properly. Unless you make it or hit the point of the side, the object ball is going to be somewhere down table and close to the cue ball. Not safe.

The 2 in the corner is a better option than the 2 in the side because you need to apply more speed to the 2inthecorner because the object ball has to travel further anyway. The downside is if you under hit it speed wise the object ball will stay on the wrong side of the table (near head rail), or worse yet, bobble in the corner and leave a cross side or cross corner. Possibly safe. The angle is running a little long also, so you need to put some "shortening" on the cue ball.

The 4 in the side is the nuts, because the angle is right on anyway, to hit the long rail on the 3rd cushion. You can put a full draw on the cue ball. Since you need plenty of speed to get the 4 cushions, there is no speed control issue. Hit it hard. The direction off of the final cushion is AWAY from the cue ball and headed into the correct direction, which is uptable to the foot rail. If you miss, the object ball runs back up table safe.

The only possible bad thing that can happen is if you totally blast the shot and off of the 4th rail the object ball slams into the titty of the side pocket and returns back toward the head rail. You need to really crush the shot to do that. Very unlikely. Difficult shot to make, but mostly all upsides.

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