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Originally Posted by wincardona View Post
On further review I have to concede that the 4 in the side is too tough a shot considering the depth and angle shown with the shot.. The angle demands a hard hit with a fairly deep cut that needs to be hit accurately, a little too much to ask even though the design of the shot is a good one. But I still believe the two in the corner is the right shot, much easier hit, based off of the speed needed to succeed with the shot is more controllable, bottom line.

For the 4 in the side to be the better option you would need a straighter angle and a little closer shot. It's much easier and predictable to control the cue ball when you need speed with the shot, to be shooting at a straighter angle. With a straighter angle the speed needed to execute the shot is [B]much less[/B because you are going into the meat of the ball which will transfer more speed with the object ball. Less velocity, easier hit, more controllable.

I promise I won't change my mind again.

Dr. Bill

For such a short time there you flirted with being correct. Unfortunately, that experience didnt last very long.

The four in the side is a dead on angle. Refer to my book please for these 4 in the side systems. You might learn something.

Here is what they call "evidence." Page 144 of Banking With the Beard.
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