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Originally Posted by gulfportdoc View Post
Admittedly the four rails in the side would be beautiful shot to see made-- a real crowd pleaser. Of course the average decent player is not even going to see the possibility of the shot. The average decent player who doesnt have the advantage of my help on this bank forum. And in this layout the shot would naturally need to be hit hard, not "firm", as in your book, due to the leave.

But if the shot is missed too short, or not quite long enough (5 rail speed), then there will be a makeable shot left for the opponent. The shot itself may not be that difficult for one who has practiced it, but it's a poor choice for the average player. One can't shoot a shot simply because it's "on line" to the pocket.

Doc, Doc, no wonder Col Bille is pounding on you. What is the shot that you are going to leave? The cue ball is going to be on the head rail. The object ball is traveling up and away from the cue ball off of the 4th rail. As is indicated in the diagram, all you have to do it hit it in the face and draw your ball-- and hit it with speed. If you cant hit it hard enough to do that, then this bank forum is much too advanced for anyone with that low of a skill level.

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