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Originally Posted by fred bentivegna View Post
For such a short time there you flirted with being correct. Unfortunately, that experience didnt last very long.

The four in the side is a dead on angle. Refer to my book please for these 4 in the side systems. You might learn something.

Here is what they call "evidence." Page 144 of Banking With the Beard.
I'm not questioning your understanding of angles, and the kind of angles that are conducive to play certain shots, but what is in question is our understanding of how the balls are actually positioned. I'm certain that the way I see the balls positioned that you need to cut the 6 ball quite a bit to the right in order for the shot to be executed correctly. If i'm correct then you'll have to hit the shot with more speed to execute the shot the way it needs to be executed, and when you need to do that, that's when you start running into problems such as controlling the cue ball, and also the object ball. In addition to that, on this particular shot, once again if i'm correct about needing to cut the 6 ball because of the angle offered, the cue ball will go directly to the left side rail and then toward the bottom rail in the direction of the bottom right pocket (about a diamond short of the pocket) which increases the possibility of the balls running into one another. Below is an insert that I took from my post #20, in case you didn't read it.

For the 4 in the side to be the better option you would need a straighter angle and a little closer shot. It's much easier and predictable to control the cue ball when you need speed with the shot, to be shooting at a straighter angle. With a straighter angle the speed needed to execute the shot is [B]much less[/B because you are going into the meat of the ball which will transfer more speed with the object ball. Less velocity, easier hit, more controllable.

Now I do have a very good understanding of the angle needed to make this shot a viable option, and like I said..the way I see this shot...the angle isn't there. So what we have here is not a difference in understanding the playability of the shot, but a difference in how we see the angle.

Oh by the way i'm almost certain that i'm correct about how the balls are positioned.
Whenever we differ i'm right about 92% of the time, in case you haven't noticed. I'm a percentage man.

Dr. Bill

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