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MKtank, you asked for it, and I gave it to you. Keep bringing them banks! A 6- rail bank, it just does not get better than this. Actually it is a prelude to a 7 rail bank. In reviewing the bank, I really put all I had into it, for I knew I could not come up short! Getting that much 'power into the stroke' was not exactly easy, I had to work up to it. It is by the way a 30 foot bank or more!

Thanks Guys for the positive comments about the table and it's cushions. Actually it is much slower than when I first started banking on it in '69, for it has been in storage for 30 yrs. In talking to Jerry Matchin, he stated; ' that it is much worse to idle your table than to play on it'!

Now, in doing double cross side or double cross corner banks, it slightly reverses on the 2nd rail, whereas before I could hit as if it was a single cross-corner/side bank and it would never reverse off the 2nd rail. The double cross side or the double cross corner is a dying art in today's world of banks.

Hank, or anyone else, would you do me a favor and research your books and videos on banks and see if my banks that I have threaded are my own or have they been published before. I am self taught and have not ever studied videos or books on banks, thanks!

So to be clear have these banks been published, anyone's comment welcomed pertaining to my 4 rail OP Bank, Long 4 rail OP Bank, & Twice A-round the World Bank, and any others, such as my 1 rail bank frozen to the cushion by the side pocket?

Sincerely and thank you, Dennis 'Whitey' Young

Thanks guys for all the positive comments, I really appreciate it !!!

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