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Pardon Me! But how can you put these kids, (Busty / Alex), ahead of Johnny Ervolino? Answer me that!!!!. He is the only two time winner of the US OPEN ONE POCKET in '71 & '73. Plus known to hustle One Pocket!

Replies & counter replies very welcomed!!! Back up your choice over mine if you can!

Johnny learned from Lineen, as did Jersey Red & Liscotti, and they in turn passed it on. Keith (Squirrel) Thompson is a recipient, & winner of Johnston City, he studied under Jersey Red. This is our 'heritage', An American One Pocket Heritage, & we Americans created this game, and why are you guys ignoring our American Heritage of this game, and the great players that made this game famous!!! These kids will have their do, but lets take care of past American greats first! Whitey

Here! Here!

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