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Originally Posted by lll View Post
im on the east coast of florida north of palm beach so i wont get the worst of it
4-6 inches of rain
30-40 mph winds maybe gusts to 60mph
hopefully not that bad
right now its not too bad 20 mph winds with intermittent showers
should get worse as the day progesses and most of monday
then get better for me
our friends in the keys and south florida today and tommorrow will be getting the worst of it today and tommorrow
along the gulf and north( panhandle fl, louisianna mississippi and alabama for example)
will be getting the worst of it tuesday/wednesday
to all 1p members in harms way
BE SAFE and i hope the damage isnt too great
Larry, how ya doin' down there? Clare said they had some tornadoes up your way.

Stay safe.

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