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Originally Posted by Cal
Last explanation of this BS, My question didn't pertain to any individual or situation. The question is still why is it that some players play better on someone else dime than on their own. As to Viffer & John B. I could care less whatever their dispute may be ,as to my opinion to any situation or question "I have without question " EARNED my right to voice my opinion on any matter. I have walked the walk and have earned the right to talk the talk if I so choose to.
Sir,I'll be glad to answer your question. It's an easy one too.Pressure!!!
Another thing about this Is,at least for me.I think I play better when I know that my backer has plenty of $.When I know that, I can play more loose and better.I never did like playing on someone's $ knowing they would be running short If I were to lose.So It's all about taking some pressure off for me.and maybe not having the $
Hope that helps,Bud.John B. I should add that It could be the player just doesn't have the money.

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