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Originally Posted by lll
unfortunately im not someone stakehorses seek out
but heres my 2 cents anyway
if you are jew paul (from the stories i read) or dippy you are playing for amounts that dont matter .
if you lose your lifestyle doesnt change

when playing for amounts that if you lose you sleep in your car
carries extra pressure beyond winning or losing

so even tho assuming you care about the backer(not dumping)
one level of pressure is removed playing with a backer
if you lose you are in the same place

that little bit of less pressure should help you play better

thats my opinion but what do i know
I have played with backer's and I have played on my own...If the backer is a close friend, I feel more pressure, than I do playing on my own $$$. This is true, even if the friend just has a piece of my action. I think it is because I try harder, and take less risk on a friends money, and I don't play my normal game.

If the backer is ultra wealthy, and a big loss will not really hurt him, the opposite is true, I may play better...Bottom line, I prefer playing my own $$$..Then you can let the shaft out, with no remorse if you screw up...You are on your own..

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