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Originally Posted by SJDinPHX
LENNY SPEAKING. Well I am back and its past 4am, drank much and sweated lots of one pocket. San Jose beat me in the, pitching at the line, for our drunk/lunch which is being delivered. I am doing the live scoring and hope you enjoy it, got to the tournament at 9am and went there until past midnight so I am burnt out, time to do it again in about 4 hours. Me and SJD need to get over to Pool Sharks where the action is, getting kind of dead here, pricks wont bet a nickle or more than 20 a match. Have fun watching on TAR my friends, wish you could all be here.
P.S. Me and SJD have reservations for the bunny ranch, haha.

Hey Lenny.....We will need a detailed report from the Bunny Ranch session and if you could possibly stream it, that would be even better - probably only take up 1 minutes worth of your time to stream Papie's 'session'...

- Ghosty

PS, Nobody has reported to us, from Vegas, with the most important info of all...

Is John Barton there with his Aiming System, to play all of his $$$ One Pocket challenge matches?...
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