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Originally Posted by hankh View Post
Howdy All;

Been playin for a while now, my Banking has always been sort of hap-hazard
at best. Have invested in the books and DVDs of The Beard and some other
Banking related educational materials from others. Each claims to be the better
of the batch. Each also ... well y'all know the routine.

I tend to be more of a visual learner but the books make for a solid form of
reinforcement and handier to tote around for me. That and a lot of practice.

So, I guess what I want to ask is what was the AHH-HA moment when y'all
realized it all came together and the puzzle pieces fell into place.

Thanks for your thoughts and surmises.

When i'm banking best, for me its when i'm focused on more precise hits on the object ball. I tend to get lazy just shooting at the angle or a spot. But when i really focus on hitting it more exact i make more shots. If you notice the top players all bank good and thats because they just hit everything with more precision. JMO John
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