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wgcp, Howdy;

Originally Posted by wgcp View Post
I would have to say recognition of the different banks. The beard called them hangers. Once you see them it makes the game easier. You still have to execute them but recognition is the key.

To excel at the game you really have to have both the pocketing of the bank and the ability to control whitey at the same time. Brumback does exactly that.

If you get the chance to watch spaeth, bugs, or Busty play bank on dvd you will see what I mean. Have fun, banking is an art form of pool.

Thanks for your thoughts, truly. I do realize that recognition is a big step in
the process and repetition (wash, rinse, repeat), go hand-in-hand to accomplishing
that part of the learning curve. Right now that curve is looking like a 60* angle.
Which is better then a 90* angle but I know it will flatten out more with practice.

Again, thanks for your thoughts and time to respond.

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