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Whitey, Howdy;

Originally Posted by Dennis "Whitey" Young View Post
Hank, for me I could always bank, from day one. Played banks everyday, I mean it was fun, especially on my table that did not reverse coming off the 2nd rail on cross side/corner banks, or double straight backs or double back banks, they were every bit as easy as a single rail bank cross side/corner, or single full table banks. Today in banks you do not see hardly any of these banks, for they are very difficult with todays cushions.

But I stop playing for decades, and when I started up again, I never really practiced banking, but joining OP I started hitting a few, and could not see them, so I used that trick of aiming directly at the ob and that seemed to make the angle pop out, and I started making some banks again.

But to answer your question, I feel I had a back ground in banks, this plus actually practicing some banks, and letting go of my thoughts and relying on my instincts, then I started seeing the banks again. I still go back to aiming first directly at the ob if I feel I am not picking up the angle, and sure enough I was off, and sometimes I double check by using the diamonds. But you will have to practice just banks, 1 hr. a day is enough to make a champion! Practice should bring about seeing the banks, but you will have to do it everyday, because it is not like when we were young and pick up stuff easily and retain it.

I think english on the cb can tremendously effect the shot also. Also the cue tip hardness has a lot of effect on banking! Know your banks, know the english, know your cue tip! There are so many different cushions out there, wow. Cushions today are highly sensitive to everything for they tend to reverse a lot, or they can throw a lot. They grab the ball more, create more spin, and add spin the more rails you play the bank, that is why the diamond system is different today than yesteryear. Speed of the shot effects the rebound tremendously on these cushions today.

The old GC's banked well, unless the cushions played soft. Whitey
Like you I've had a few times when there was no pool for several years then
spent some time to regain some of the skills and feel again.
As I mentioned in the post before this one, I need to go through the process
of recognition and work on the basics. Repetition is the key to muscle memory,
and for the brain (what's left of it), to recognize the shots/angles. There ain't
no easy way to learn it just put in the time and wash, rinse & repeat.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and experience.
Greatly appreciated it is.

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