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If you haven't already done so, go down the prior bank forum threads to 'Learning to Bank by Bugs'. I felt this was very well done, and like you, in re-learning banks, I use some of his methods for it made me realize some things.
One important aspect to be aware of, is that on many of his banks you'll notice he uses the same speed. This is important because speed has a great effect upon the ob coming off the rail on most all rails. So I would suggest trying using the same speed similar to Bugs, on his various shots, or a speed that you are comfortable with.

After you get somewhat comfortable with banking free shots, such as Bugs video, another thing I believe when banking, is to play shape. Believe it or not it will really help your banks. For it gives a purpose and an added focus to the bank.

I was watching a local bar table player hitting the balls around, and you could tell his focus was on just making the ball, many beginning or novice players do this, cinch the shot. I knew he had more in him than that, so I talked to him and told him to always have a meaning for your shot, like know what shape you want on the next ball. He did that, an instantly he pocketed balls better!
Purpose & Focus! Whitey

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