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Smash and grab as a form of wealth redistribution did not begin in Washington. Itís a lot older than even the town, let alone the Congress. In a nutshell, if you saw something you wanted in a store window you would come back in the night, pick up a handy brick and chunk it through the glass. Then you reached in and claimed your loot and ran like hell. It became a tougher gig if the window was tempered glass and your brick bounced back and hit you in the mouth, or if all the watches turned out to be Timexes, or if you got too old to make the dash. And sometimes you might not even be able to find a brick. Semi-violent crime, to be sure.

Modern-day smash and grabbers have been turning out in force at the pool tournaments and not only in the rotation games, which have always been semi-violent and not very important anyway. Now they are playing one pocket Ė maybe you have noticed. Tony Chohan may have been the first. I can recall only a couple of years ago writing in this journal about T-Rex and wondering if the game was making a significant turn or if we were only seeing a big guy with long shirts and short pants having hot flashes at the table. Either way, the gun slingers were sure to be disarmed when they came up against the Filipinos. Not to worry.

Well, you can worry now Ė and donít bother looking the other way, either. Videos of the matches at the Derby City Classic are making it clear. Betting on the pinoys is still a sound game plan, but donít think you are stealing and donít bet the rent money. A bunch of children, many of them from far-away places and with strange-sounding names, are all over the news. Ruslan Chinakov, Eklent Kaci and Omar Al Shaheen are only a few of them. I believe there is one named Fedor, and I wish someone would ask him how to pronounce it, because if he is a Russian I imagine his name is Fyodor, but we canít type the necessary umlaut. Along with Billy Thorpe, Chris Robinson and Chris Melling and many more, these guys are pure shooters and can run balls. Most are not accomplished one-pocket players and may not even aspire to that, but man Ė if they give you a shot youíd better make it. They come to the table with their own bricks, just hoping for a small window to smash. They are bold, unrepentant and deadly. Theirs is not the traditional relationship with Jojo, because they never doubt that the next shot will be theirs, too. How to slow them down? Suppose you make them wait for a shot, choke them and test their patience, would they begin shooting up in the air? Where are you, San Jose Dick?

Last night I watched Omar suffocate Tony Chohan very neatly, winning a race to three. His game management was just as impressive as his shot making, and Tony had very few chances to show anything. He did manage to win the third game when Omar went for a two-rail kick at the last ball, trying to push it down the foot rail toward his pocket and not only whiffing it, but scratching to boot. Tom Wirth could have showed him how to do it, or Jack Cooney or any Filipino. Not much strategic maneuvering in that contest, but we knew that right from jump street. Not with those two.

Iím enjoying these videos and staying up late to watch them. If I understand correctly, Accu Stats has an exclusive arrangement with the tournament, and all the other streamers must record the video only and add the audio at a later time. This being the case, there can be some excuse for displaying the score incorrectly so much of the time if they canít see the actual balls in the rack. But they can at least see the ones still on the table. Not so with the commentary. If they are doing it at their leisure, so to speak, at a remote location, are there no one pocket players at all that they could enlist to help out? Bad commentary - uninformed commentary - is worse than none at all. More and more I am watching muted videos. Some are frank to admit they donít know the game, but they comment anyway, and often about things other than the match. I really donít like to rant. Strike that, I do like to rant. Giggling Sophie with her little girl voice and Mike (?) had a fun time on the audio while T-Rex was being drawn and quartered on the video.

If they were watching in Moscow Ė and they might have been Ė they probably said Ďsmishnoí.
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