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Default What's up, John?

Itís ten pm on Sunday and Jimmy B has just posted the news that John Schmidt, at Bullshooters, has scratched on a break shot, ending his current streak at 350 balls. This seems like an unlikely announcement; certainly one that you donít hear every day. Just what was involved there, anyway? All I knew about it was that John was putting in long hours on a table there in his attempt to pocket a record number of balls in 14.1 fashion. The original post on this thing appeared a couple of weeks ago, and there are multiple reports of his other failed (?) efforts since that time and we are left to wonder if he does it every day, and for how many hours. Will he start over tomorrow morning? If he doesnít reach his goal, at what point will he pack it in?

Playing straight pool with no opponent would be pretty much like an endless practice session with consequences Ė not far removed from manual labor. My own practice sessions on my eight-foot table feature missed shots and a bit of creative profanity. When I miss, sometimes I start over and sometimes I donít. What the hell, you know what I mean? I can only imagine the level of focus he has to bring to the table and sustain. No mulligans here. Many rumors and semi-sworn reports advise that Mosconiís best total has been surpassed on several occasions and by a number of different players. For that matter, how well-documented is the golden number, anyway? What body is in charge of pool records, if any is? Other than results from tournaments, I donít see how there can be official records in our game. At any rate, Johnís quest makes an interesting story that has created some needed participation and comments here. I wish John the best and I hope Jimmyís message tonite wonít be the final one.

I think the recently-completed event in Memphis will be an epic one in the history of this website. Far as I know we have no members who play pool for a living, and while such players would be welcome I think we are better off without them. We demonstrate that there are other reasons to play Ė good reasons. (My friend BRLongArm has violent seizures when I talk like that.) When each year there are only a few events outside your own area from which to choose, when you must fit them into a schedule, when you must budget your expenses knowing there is only a dim chance you will break even, your life in one-pocket offers different pleasures. You can prepare your game for them; you can go and compete hard against players who may be better than you are. You can win and lose and dine and drink soda pop and laugh out loud and tell lies with the same guys you meet at Then everyone goes home and remembers the time as a good time.

For some reason, I feel the Memphis tournament may have been special. Witness the various accounts posted by the guys who were there. Some of them travelled a long way to get there, but they will be at the next one, too. How much better could it be?

We are indebted to Rail Birds and to Bad Boys for bringing us free videos of competition at the 2019 Derby City Classic and we can only hope that sponsors and donations from viewers will make it worth their while. For viewers at home, it becomes a sort of candy store. I have mentioned before that I find the video first-rate, and the commentary generally poor or worse. In a one-pocket match I watched last night, a pair of speakers yakked it up about unrelated things. An easy shot that might well have determined the winner of the game was butchered and missed. They failed to even note it. Later they missed a foul and spotted ball and reached the end game with the wrong score posted. When the shooter made his seventh ball and was still at the table without a shot, they posted the win for him and then wondered whether the mis-count was his or theirs. I muted the rest Ė no excuse for such as that.

Fantastic one-pocket is played by the youngsters. I saw Eklent Kaci break a rack and Josh Filler responded by running eight and out on his first shot. In the next game almost the same thing happened, except that Kaci ran only seven on Fillerís break. They search the stack like Corey Deuel and Tony Chohan, and if thereís anything to see they go for it and often make it. Balls in the jaws of the opponentís pocket are ignored. I saw Shane Winters and Fedor Gorst for the first time, and another young guy I had never heard of Ė Anthony Meglino. Anthony can play.

Another milestone for my journal. It has passed twenty thousand views now. Who knew? And even when I neglect it Iím aware that this forum is important and should be tended. I am still disappointed by the absence of good pool stories Ė or good stories of any kind. Ross Keith Thompson contributes good stuff, even if he posts it in another category. Speak up Ė we canít wait forever.
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