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lll, Howdy;

Thanks, I ordered John Brumback's DVD (1st. one), to see what he's got to offer.
So, I'm just allowing the rest of the information marinate a while longer. JB's DVD
should be here early next week. Let ya know what I think of it in a week or 2 as it
will take a while to digest the info and see how it fits with the rest and me.
This is fun. Lookin' forward to this ...

Oh yea, Today was 9-ball, came in 3rd. Position play was looking better, Banks were
for the most part working. Small difficulties with the cross-sides. The angle was hiding
and hard to find at times. Mostly with OB close in to the rail. Something I'll work on
this coming Monday.

As always everyone's thoughts and suggestions are gratefully appreciated.

Striving for a less complicated life since 1949 ...

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