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Howdy All;

This past Monday was just workin' on the Cross-Corner and 1 rail in the Side
according to John B. Hit'em like he says an in they go ... Got about 3 hours
of that in then Tues.'s 8-ball was ... interesting. I got the 'Shiney' quarter for
1st. one out.

Should be able to get an hour or 2 in before the 9-ball tomorrow. Figure I'll
stick with the same and get them cemented in place before I move on to the
next set-ups. ! maybe 2 at a time, slow an easy, no need to rush. Learn'em
then cement'em. Go back and refresh every so often ...

As always any thoughts and/ or constructive criticism welcomed.

Striving for a less complicated life since 1949 ...
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