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Originally Posted by youngstownkid View Post
Greg Sullivan has the biggest event most of us will ever go to. Why are we not considering following suit and using it?

OP Chip Tourney w/ DCC-style Finals
Oh boy, ANOTHER thread about changing our tournaments. Greg Sullivan created his own mess last year by not playing a day of One Pocket. Is that the example you want us to follow? Or is it having 400 players, or 35 tables. We have no problems except the ones people are trying to make. Some adjustments, yes, wholesale changes to the format, no. Itís not you, itís me. Iím fed up with all the bull chip about the length of matches. Since I started playing one pocket, before the war, there were long games of one pocket played by some players. Even Johnston City had its share of longer games. Heck, I even saw RA play a game that lasted more than twenty minutes.
I had a great time in Houston, again. Dead money I am, I am.
I had a great time at the members tournament, again. Dead money again.
I get home from both tournaments very happy and the people that did not go want wholesale changes and are miserable.
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