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Default alex and chip no 3 foul rule

Anyone catch this little episode with Chip and Alex in the Scotty Townsend?

I forgot to grab a screenshot but one of the guys stuck the cue ball right at the head of the rack, frozen to a pretty good cluster of balls. Balls were lying dangerously so they did the little barely touch take a foul. After 2 I believe Alex let Chip know he was on two and he was informed there was no 3 foul rule this tourney. Apparently they forgot to add it to the flyer and didn't want to change the rules after the fact.

Alex was pretty vocal about it and it had me laughing pretty good. "how is this ever going to end" "we need more coins. get me a roll of coins".
Was pretty funny watching them both stand over the cue ball and just tap it with their stick back and forth. Can you imagine watching it if you didn't know what one pocket was?

Chip finally shot away and played a pretty decent shot but it was after they were both at -5 or -6.
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