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Originally Posted by blindlemon View Post
I don't know I don't find it hard to watch. The three foul rule was put in place to speed up tournament play.
There is watching , and there is playing. Watching involves no consequences, while playing with intentional fouls has significant consequences. If the three foul rule was created to speed up the game, it only follows that we could speed up the game today by going to a one foul rule, or disincentivizing intentionals through this rule change. In an environment where everybody feels free to criticize slow play and slow players, and there exists very little that can realistically be done about that, one would think that minimizing intentional fouls would be "low hanging fruit".

Intentional scratches are used to see who will be the first to make a mistake. I think the people that want to change the game don't understand that part of the game or don't have enough patience for it.
Taking an intentional when you are trapped in no way allows you to avoid making a mistake because you opponent can force you to eventually "take the shot". There is no strategy involved, other than to change the game and score favoring the better player. The one pocket strategic shot that should be applauded is the initial shot that put you into the trap, and the mistake you refer to had already been made by you to allow that to happen. In deference to the respect for the nuances of this game, you should be mandated to play out of the trap without being able to "dilute" the consequences.

Game has been great 4 many years, I hope we leave the rules alone. Tournaments are different because of the time restraint but everything else should be left alone
Yes, of course the game has been great for many years. That is no valid defense against making limited changes for good reason. You seem to be saying that for tournaments you would consider a change. I would agree, but add that rules about "playing the game" like this one tend to eventually apply to other venues, and they should, for consistency sake.

I understand that there are "insistent traditionalists" that can accept NO changes whatsoever, they react without consideration, while minimizing the problem being addressed hoping to simply just blow it away. Someone who wants to seriously defend intentional fouls please explain just what touching the CB four times in a row adds to the game.

While I would like to see this practice stopped, I wouldn't ban intentional fouls. You may shoot as you please, so long as you understand that your opponent can make you shoot again if you fouled. How simple is that?.

To evaluate the effect of this change look at the primary fouls that can occur. You scratch, opponent gets CBIH, you are not likely to get to shoot again. You fail to hit a rail or commit some other touch/shooting foul, you may or may not get to shoot again depending on whether your foul put your opponent in jeopardy, which ought to be your opponents prerogative. Lastly, you lag behind balls giving no shot to you opponent, you won't get to shoot again if there is a shot to your hole.

Ultimately, the effect on the game from this rule change is minimal, except to eliminate this "tapping the CB" silliness.
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