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Originally Posted by blindlemon View Post
I don't know I don't find it hard to watch. The three foul rule was put in place to speed up tournament play. Intentional scratches are used to see who will be the first to make a mistake. I think the people that want to change the game don't understand that part of the game or don't have enough patience for it. Game has been great 4 many years, I hope we leave the rules alone. Tournaments are different because of the time restraint but everything else should be left alone
Serious question... do you think it would be kosher if in bowling the rules were such that players got up there and purposefully threw gutter balls to try and gain an advantage in a game?

That is what happens in one pocket. The best players in the world scratch into pockets on purpose, they do things like tapping the cb, and even launch the cb off the table purposefully.

The only conclusion you can reasonably come to in bowling if that was the case is the rules are bad. So, you would just need to change the rule so that a gutter ball was not advantage, which would not be a difficult thing to do in one pocket at all.

The completely insane part is, i believe we could make the rules so that the best players in the world are FORCED into offense in really tough spots much more often, which would be the absolute coolest thing to see i can think of as a one pocket fan and player. As it stands, we have the best ball strikers in the world stepping up to a cue ball and tapping it a half a millimeter to gain an advantage. The games could also go much faster, and more understanable to non one pocket players if rules were changed for the better in my opinion.
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