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For those who think a millisecond is not enough time to matter, I would like to pose the case of the double rifle. Double rifles, not double barrel shotguns, have been used for centuries to hunt dangerous game such as Cape Buffalo, Elephant, Lion, etc. The theory is that you have at least 2 sure shots without the need to cycle an action for the second shot with the obvious extra time and risk of a round hanging up in the action. Well, these double rifles go through a tedious process call registering whereby the two barrels are tuned to the cartridge and load that will be fired in them. They must be registered for a single load because the recoil will make the bullet go off the target if it is not registered. How long is the bullet in the barrel? You do the math.
I agree -- everything is relative, and the significance of cue tip contact variables on an object ball is definitely not an exception to that rule lol.
What "cue tip contact variables"?

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