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Originally Posted by youngstownkid View Post
Guess it wasn't a bear trap after all. It sure looks like you could squeeze thru the 5 and 6, but I sure didn't see that at the time. Nor the shot off the 1. Maybe I just had a mental meltdown and was panicking or something...hmmm
Assuming you can't come off the 1ball nor shoot between the 5 and 6ball the shot I like is Kybank's suggestion on pocketing the 6ball and following behind the 11ball. However, you are down 2 to -3 so that option may not be too appealing to many so the shot that I would strongly consider is banking the 12ball into the balls near my pocket near the foot rail and travel three rails around table and dropping behind the 11ball. There looks tro be a fairly large area to drop the cue ball in providing the angle is suitable for that option.

Dr. Bill
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