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Default Frozen Ball Banks!
Start from the top on down.
I believe the middle video most accurately shows the angle I am stroking this shot on. Although the others are also stroked on this exact same angle, it appears not so.

On another thread, it came up about the power needed to bank a ball that is frozen. So I did a couple of frozen ball banks.
The OB is positioned a little less than a 1/2 diamond from the corner pocket. The CB is on a direct line from the ob to the center of the cross corner pocket.
I use extreme high center ball with a level follow through. You can not hold back, you have to go for it.
I believe the ob compresses the cushion just enough and this coupled with the speed of the cb it avoids the kiss.
I through in an extra cross side bank. The pressure was on for the Easter Dinner was being called within 10 min. First tries almost, thank goodness. My daughter; "goes you are pretty good at these banks". I had to laugh, for some of my shots I have threaded took a few to many takes. It was not easy to convince her in the first place, that I could do these takes in 10 min., but I nailed it!

Double click to enlarge then hit play, and a couple are in slow motion. Have a good time trying it, I mean it looks easy, and you do have a little angle to work with, well good luck and Happy Easter! Let me know how you did! Whitey

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