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Default Hmmm

Just watch all three DVD's. It is a DVD that should be in your collection- if you like to collect things. I expected more and would have to say Grady's and Incardona's are better- and believe me I hate to say Billy's is better. Tape one is about the break and getting out of it. ANyone who plays one pocket should already know this information. It is situational, meaning there are millions of ways to get out of the millions (realy uncountible) of different breaks. The second DVD is him basically playing himself, I had to stop it and walk around abit to get my blood flowing so I wouldn't go to sleep- it isn't his fault but some things seemed redundant and I know Crane is a good player also he just puts me to sleep. The third DVD is different shots that you could sale the farm on unless you have a backer. Hey, help support Cliff- everyone else has.... You probably are gauranteed to learn something even if it is the fact Crane puts you to sleep.
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