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Default Final Two Senior Players

Most of us are familiar with Ike. He’s been a force for a long time but I’ve never heard of James Davis, Sr. so I searched YouTube for him and just watched two 1P matches.

James plays very well and a few times when I thought he was in trouble he worked his way out, very nice player.

The second match I watched was against Sylver Ochoa. I had forgotten how well Sylver played. I’m fortunate to have had the pleasure of playing Sylver when he was at the top of his game. I saw some similarities between Ike and Sylver in moving, banking, and controlling the cue ball.

Watching and playing top players motivates me to improve my game. I have a few trips lined up and I’ll be looking for them. My wife gets aggravated with my obsession but I can’t help myself. I love 1P
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