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Please accept my apology if I am one of the people who didn't subscribe or hit the like button.
I try to do that when I enjoy something
I'm also sorry you haven't been acknowledged as much as you should have Tom , you put a lot of time and effort into your work.
If you ever figure out the internet phenomenon you would be a zillionaire , PewdiePie gets 40 trillion votes and views, and guys with vast knowledge like you, get 3 or 4 likes.
For what it's worth , it's not just you .
I know the answer , you need a scantily clad young woman bouncing around and slithering all over the table while you show the shots.
That formula gets about 10 million votes every time.
I wish you would reconsider and put the videos back up , maybe it isn't fruitful today but it might be next month, you won't know, if it isn't there to be viewed.
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