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Originally Posted by hankh View Post
Whitey, Howdy;

Ok, had to go to T or C to get a new microwave, old one crapped out last night.

While driving I do some of my (IMO), better thinking. It became clear what you
were saying when you wrote this; " What I am trying to convey
is this; set up the balls for an absolute 2-1 straight in bank, then move the cb back
slightly creating a slight back-cut. Now using center cb, hit it on angle to make it, I
think you will find that the cb will reverse coming off the rail and you will come
short of the side pocket. So therefore I am advocating using a little natural english
to make the ob travel correctly.
" I 'think' the back-cut
you are referring to is having the CB set up outside (closer to the end rail in Willie's
video), the natural 2:1 and the natural English would be what Freddy refers to as
"Acquired" English as the CB is sliding, inert, dead whatever you wish to call it.
Simply by contacting the OB at a slight angle the CB creates or induces English
to the OB and counter English to the CB the why the CB reverses off the rail.

How'm I doin???

Thanks as always to all for the thoughts and suggestions.

No, set the bank up with a 'slight' back cut, but still use, in this case a tip of 'left' english. Practice these slight back cuts. The objective is to get the ob to come off the rail naturally. Whitey
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