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Whitey, Howdy;

Originally Posted by Dennis "Whitey" Young View Post
Go to 3:10 where it is a across corner bank where you have to cut the ob back. This is it, but only I am trying to portray this on a 'slight' angle, almost a straight bank but not quite. Absolutely no kiss involved.
I am saying this slight back cut needed to pocket the ball, can put reverse english on the ob and then it comes up short of the pocket. So try this shot and see how it works for you. If you are getting the reverse action on the ob then you need to use outside english to offset this.
I know this flies directly in the face of what should happen, but nonetheless it can happen.
So even on a slight back cut, I suggest using a tip of outside english (natural). Whitey
Got it.
Thanks for your patience. Been playin' pool since 1962 but never learned the "Language". What I get for just hangin' out at bar tables.
I'll work this into Mondays practice session and let ya know what happens.

Thanks again.

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