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Whitey & lll, Howdy;

Practice today was ... interesting. Got the normal stuff out of the way and then
started doing some of the 'twist' drill. Worked fine, moved onto the back-cut w/
natural English. Spent the better part of an hour and had a difficult time getting
consistent results so it will get extra work before tomorrow's 8-ball tourney.
Whitey I know if you were looking over my shoulder we'd have it locked-in by now.
Spent the rest of the time doing some 6-ball scatter and attempt to Bank as many
as I can. Scratch and re-start, miss ='s reset and re-do. Then finished with 3 racks
of 15 ball rotation, Banking and kicking as available. Not bad overall 3.5 hours total
time but the back-cut shot bugged me as I couldn't add it to my sheet of 'I can do
this shots". at least not yet Consistency is what was lacking, it will come.

Thanks as always for your thoughts and suggestions.

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